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IUBS Online Bible Courses are designed to serve the Russian speaking people in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and other countries around the world and students St. Petersburg


Библейский колледж города Парксбург
Ассамблея Господа Иисуса Христа
Апостольская Христианская Церковь
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Who are we?

International University of Biblical Studies (IUBS) is offering you a great opportunity to study the word of God through the internet.  Through IUBS Online you will be able to study at your home or office and at your own pace.  You will receive lectures by qualified teachers through audio and video files.  Also, student workbooks and Christian literature will be made available.   What a great chance to study the word of God and to receive a Diploma that is widely accepted in the United States and around the world.

IUBS has been serving the nation of Russia and the CIS since the year 2000.  We have been working together with Parkersburg Bible College located in West Virginia, USA to provide the best Biblical Education possible.

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Diplomas we offer

Certificate of Ministry

If you wish to only study with us for a short time, then you may be interested in receiving a “Certificate of Ministry.” This can be received after finishing 18 courses or 22 course hours.

Bachelor’s of Arts in Theology or Christian Education.

In order to receive a Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Christian education, then you would need to complete 42 courses or 128 course hours.

We receive credits from other Colleges and Universities and also credits for “life experiences.”

If you have official transcripts from your former educational institution it is possible to receive credit for the courses you have already completed. Also, after an evaluation it is possible to receive credit for “life experience” you received in various Christian roles; such as Pastoring, Assistant Pastor, Departmental leadership, etc.